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New Competition Entry!

We are pleased to announce another entrant to our competition!

Well done Ben!

Here is a link to the entry which is on our Facebook Page.




Early Bird

Maybe we jumped off the mark too quickly.  Social Networking does take up a lot of time and when you don’t have time or anything much to say about your project because you are just having meetings with people and are waiting for responses.  I’ve found about 5 hours a week that I could put into other aspects of the project is being used for social networking.  We are going to make a decision this weekend because maybe just maybe we are wasting time.  Not just our time but the time of the people that we are trying to connect to.  When We decided to share our journey a while back perhaps we were just too excited. Maybe we should leave it until we have a solid commitment and just stick with showing you preproduction stuff then production etc…  When there is nothing to say why say it at all.  Sometimes silence is better than thousands of words. Action is definitely better.  What do you think?