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If Rolling Stone Magazine made a fantasy movie THIS would be it

Spellsinger has all of the qualities that encapsulates the Rolling Stone Magazine EXPERIENCE

It’s Adventurous.  The world, the fighting, the performances, the magic and of course riding down the river on a Dragons back!

Jon Tom, Flor and Talea are Hip and have real attitude and personality.

There are elements that irreverent

All of the fantasy elements are Funky and so is the magic of Spellsinging. I mean the first song is Purple Haze.  How much funkier can it get?   This film is  a real fantasy performance experience, not just another blase quest that have been done to death.  What makes it tick is the spiritual connection between reverent popular culture and magic.  Music is magic as we know it.  Performance by nature can be magical but creating  magic  from music?  THAT’S  COOL.

This man’s connection with his music and he ain’t no Hendrix to begin with, is all that stands between this world being taken over by an evil with a secret weapon from Earth.

So we are moving forward by incorporating all of these thoughts into our branding from today.  We are creating an experience that will reconnect people with this amazing story that held our fascination and will continue to.

Rock on!


Welcome to the official Blog for Spellsinger The Movie

Hi there!  My name is Trevor Howis.

My partner Bec and I have started a film production company called Vincero Productions.

Vincero means “I will win” and is an apt name for the task ahead of us because you see, we have recently optioned the rights to produce SPELLSINGER by the prolific Author Alan Dean Foster.

SPELLSINGER is my favourite fantasy series and has been since I was a teenager.

In a nutshell  this is what SPELLSINGER is about:

Short Sentence 

If Rolling Stone Magazine made a fantasy movie, this would be it!

Long Sentence

Can an amateur musician connect with the magic in his music before it’s too late?

Short Synopsis

Jonathon Thomas Meriweather is a University student and amateur musician from LA.   He is magically summoned to another world in error and discovers that he is a Spellsinger, a musician who is able to use the power of music to conjure magic with unpredictable results.  He must harness this new ability if he is going to save the world from destruction and chaos.

SPELLSINGER is my favourite fantasy series of all time.  I discovered it by accident in the local library in the late 80’s and have read it every year religiously for most of my adult life.  It has a timeless quality and universal appeal about it that I and many others find hugely entertaining.

To be given the opportunity to turn this brilliant book into a  film  is just mind blowing to me but not as mind blowing as being given the opportunity to able to work closely with my favourite author and my mentor to make this film a reality.

The purpose of this blog is to create widespread awareness that we are going to be producing this awesome film and  keep the true fans up to date every step of the way.