Calling all cars!

We have decided to improve the whole experience of the FB presence while we are looking for support to get the movie made. So we are starting a Make The Spellsinger Movie Campaign.  We ask all of our true fans, the people who have connected with SPELLSINGER, remember the story well,  know all of the characters and want it on the screen more badly  than I wanted C3PO from Santa when I was Eight!  We want these true diehard fans to connect with us by posting videos of themselves on our page and telling us WHY SPELLSINGER SHOULD BE MADE INTO A MOVIE!

We fully intend to use these interactions to promote our film in every way that we can, to show people that SPELLSINGER has what it takes to be a hugely successful franchise.

It starts with you.  We have made our commitment and now we need one from you.

And yes.  There will be shirts!!!

Until next time

Rock On!





About spellsingerthemovie

I am a huge fan of Fantasy books. My favourite without question is the Spellsinger series by prolific author Alan Dean Foster and we are going to do everything it takes to put this amazing book series onto the Big Screen! View all posts by spellsingerthemovie

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