Calling all Furries!!

OK Furry Fandom

Now that you know that there is going to be a Spellsinger film, we want you to know about our competition.

We want your support!!!

Could you use a spare $100?

All we want you to do is tell us why you like Spellsinger.  It can be a single word, a sentence whatever you are comfortable with.  It can be a voice recording , a video recording, using your phone, your webcam, whatever you want to use to get your message across .  It could be you in your furry costume with a placard as a jpeg.

Pretty easy huh?

The winner with the most creative , daring, unusual or unique entry will win the grand prize of $100.  We know it’s not much but that’s all we have at the moment.   I’m sure we can throw in some cool stuff as well. You tell us what you want and if we can do it we will .   We are meeting with Alan in April so an autographed copy of Spell singer might be a possibility.  Or a T-shirt with one of our drawn by our artist Chris Wahl.  These could make great runner up prizes.

All of the entries will get used to create awareness with the Fandom and fans of Spellsinger, so everything you give us is valued and won’t just sit in a drawer!


We look forward to your entries

Go Furries!!!!


About spellsingerthemovie

I am a huge fan of Fantasy books. My favourite without question is the Spellsinger series by prolific author Alan Dean Foster and we are going to do everything it takes to put this amazing book series onto the Big Screen! View all posts by spellsingerthemovie

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