A day in the life of a Producer part 2

You might recall the agency (no names) that I was dealing with last. A month ago this agency wanted a reference from someone they had worked with before.  This has been supplied and yet nada.  Not a thing from them. So after several unanswered e-mails I rang.  This time the assistant sounded different. “I have passed your information on”  DUH.  I knew that from the last call.  I asked for a realistic expectation as to when I might receive a reply.  “I have done all I can” was the response. “I have done all I can?”  I’m sorry assistant but this not a matter for you to decide. Why this individual could not put me on hold and ask the agent about my reference and its suitability is beyond my comprehension. Instead this individual has decided that my query can stagnate.   I don’t understand it. This is the most bizarre approach to business I have seen and I have met an albino Ostrich Salesman who sold African Ostriches to New Zealanders.  I am not passing judgement but it’s just out of the ordinary for me.

After this strange encounter and outcome I decided to follow Antony Robbins formula and change my approach.  Lets see if that works. it might be unconventional but it might just work.

Watch this space!



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I am a huge fan of Fantasy books. My favourite without question is the Spellsinger series by prolific author Alan Dean Foster and we are going to do everything it takes to put this amazing book series onto the Big Screen! View all posts by spellsingerthemovie

One response to “A day in the life of a Producer part 2

  • Damian

    I only found this site yesturday after looking up an old ADF book i havnt read for awhile and was very pleased to findout your hopefully going to make a film about the spellsinger books.
    Spellsinger was the very 1st book i ever read at the age of 17 maybe 18 ! i didnt catch onto reading while i was at school so never bothered with books then one night while round at my friends house with NO leccy and NO beer the only thing left to do was read a book and i found a rather grubby copy of spellsinger and that as they say was that.
    i was hooked on reading, i finished the book and soon was at the libary reading the rest of the spellsinger books.
    since then ive never been without a book by my side, infact ive now got an impressive collection of books myself (around 500 at the last count) mostly 1st editions and all have been read.
    there not just for show.
    I would love to see mudge and jon-tom on the big screen and i hope i willget the chance to do so.
    so just a message to say keep up the good work your doing and keep us posted with your progress.
    P.s. im in the process of buying the spellsinger at the gate 1st edition, signed, slipcased, numbered, limited to 450.
    Didnt know it existed till this morning and with any luck it will be with the rest of my books soon.


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