An interesting day

It’s been a long day and an interesting one.  It started at 5am.  It’s dark.  I went to bed at 11pm and did not sleep.  Why?  I was excited and anxious.

Excited at the prospect of meeting a man whose books I have been reading for more than 20 years.  The man who has trusted me to bring SPELLSINGER to the big screen.  Mr Alan Foster!!

Anxious because I have done everything I can to get the ball rolling and my business consultant is on the verge of securing the first investment that we need to get the ball rolling.  The first investment is always the hardest!  He was going to call me back at 11am.  His call would determine our meetings for tomorrow.

I made it to the right train.  Ran for the connecting train and arrived at the airport on time.  Alan’s flight took a while to get processed at 4 planes arrived at the same time.

I recognised me immediately and all of a sudden I had achieved a life goal. Alan’s writing is just amazing. I truly love his work.  An awesome day had begun!

We hopped into the serviced car and the deluge started.  The heavens opened and Pitt Street transformed into a river.  My poor partner was splashed wet, head to toe by a bus driven tidal wave in George Street.  You could ride a surf board down the street!

We spent several hours chatting.  I enjoyed listening to his stories.  He has many. They are all cool!  Alan is the nicest and most relaxed guy you could meet. The things he has seen and done you would never believe even if I told you.  He is truly the most interesting person I have met.

11am came and my phone never rang.  I dealt with the anxiety quickly and just focussed on this incredible moment.

We took a walk down to the Galaxy Bookshop, Sydney’s ultimate Sci Fi Destination and he presented himself at the counter.  He did the coolest thing by autographing a few books and having several pictures taken which are now on their Facebook page .  These guys are the true Aussie Battlers and they live eat and breathe Sci Fi and fantasy. They were stoked!!

We met back for dinner with my darling Bec .

The phone rang.  Now I have no anxiety.  I am feeling exceedingly positive!  We had another win today.  A direct agency introduction to a man who could hold the key to our success!!!

Alan Bec and I went off to dinner in the drizzling night and had a lovely time.

I got home just before 10pm. Tired exhausted but here I am blogging!!!

Today was getting to know you day. This week is going to be one I will never forget!


About spellsingerthemovie

I am a huge fan of Fantasy books. My favourite without question is the Spellsinger series by prolific author Alan Dean Foster and we are going to do everything it takes to put this amazing book series onto the Big Screen! View all posts by spellsingerthemovie

7 responses to “An interesting day

  • Patrick Wells

    Trevor, I’ve been speaking to Alan about your production. Since you beat me to the rights I’d still like to be involved in some manner. I told Alan that I compose music as well and it would be a dream come true to score your film. I told Alan I’ll compose some concept music and he agreed to listen to it and pass it on to you if he liked it. You can contact me directly about it too. If you can’t get my email address from this post, then just ask Alan for it. Cheears! Patrick Wells

    • spellsingerthemovie

      Hi Patrick

      I can’t really comment about participation at present. It is rather complicated and we already have composers in mind. It would be very unprofessional of me to suggest that we could even contemplate your suggestion because there are a lot of factors involved. But thank you for your enthusiasm and support.

      • Patrick Wells


        Thanks for replying. Being an aspiring film maker myself, I fully understand how complicated the situation can be. I’m funding my own first film just for the sake of avoiding a lot of the complications. I wish you the utmost success! Cheers.

      • spellsingerthemovie

        No worries mate and thanks! I hope your project is successful too. The only advice I could give is that the more people that share your vision, the closer you will get. Networking and finding those people is key.

  • Patrick Wells

    Thanks, mate. Fully understand the importance of networking. Just so hard to do that at the moment while I’m working in Afghanistan LOL.

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