I’ve done business in some interesting places recently but none more interesting than the Menzies Hotel.

For once I was meeting a real prospect.  A gentleman who has been involved in the Film Finance business for decades.  he is known by my mentor and was introduced to me by my agent and friend.

I have met a number of eccentrics recently who talked the talk but when it came to the crunch could not walk the walk.  Promises do not make movies folks and these guys can be as nice as pie and on the same page but until they commit you might as well be singing on as sidewalk.

Unlike these amusing individuals, this gentleman has spent nearly a decade putting together a way to bypass all of the government related bullshit associated with film making in Australia. Our “Industry” is not an industry.

To be an industry it must be commercial and there is little commercial focus here.

This chap and I are speaking the same language.  He has been very supportive and very helpful.  His system kicks ass.

And best of all he likes Spellsinger and can see it’s potential!   Finally I have met a kindred spirit.  These meeting have been the best yet.

I have rejigged our business plan and have started compiling a list of people who could be the key creatives.

I hope to have some very encouraging news by next week.

In the meantime we are embarking on a very ambitious venture. So ambitious it’s scary!

More soon!



About spellsingerthemovie

I am a huge fan of Fantasy books. My favourite without question is the Spellsinger series by prolific author Alan Dean Foster and we are going to do everything it takes to put this amazing book series onto the Big Screen! View all posts by spellsingerthemovie

One response to “Business

  • SirEdric

    You guys are turning *THE* book of my life into a movie?
    How awesome is that???
    I must have read the spellsinger series I don’t know how many times and I still read it once every few years!
    Coming from a strong VFX background, I always wanted to be part of the production just in case this epic would ever be made for the silverscreen!

    10 thumbs up!

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