I would like to thank everyone for their unbridled enthusiasm!!!  In the 3 weeks that we have had the Face book page we have over 100 followers and 350 on twitter.  Our blog has had numerous hits. 

This is a great achievement for a film which has not even reached preproduction.

I have received a number of comments regarding updates and I will say that when we have news, our supporters will be the first to know, through all three media.

If there is something that you would like to know or see , mae a comment and we will do our best. 

Right now we need your help to continue to build awareness.

If you could share the page with your friends on your facebook profiles or twitter  that would be awesome.

Undoubtedly we would like to reward support and will do so when we can make promises that we feel can be met. 

If anyone has any ideas about what they would like as a prize (please not too crazy!!!) feel free to make a comment.



About spellsingerthemovie

I am a huge fan of Fantasy books. My favourite without question is the Spellsinger series by prolific author Alan Dean Foster and we are going to do everything it takes to put this amazing book series onto the Big Screen! View all posts by spellsingerthemovie

One response to “Updates

  • samwrites2

    How about the soundtrack for a prize?
    At my blog I’ll be posting possibilities.
    Remember, we “don’t give a damn about no trumpet-playin’ band. It ain’t what they call, Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

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