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Yesterday was amazing.  I woke up and started working at 6:30am.  The first thing I did was check the blog because this is the first time that I have blogged twice in a day. I was surprised to see that the counter was crawling towards our best visiting day which was 3 months ago.  We were 16 people off that record and something in me said “We can beat this!” And for three hours I hit  facebook and twitter.  We climbed and climbed and so many people read our blog that in an hour we had passed our record and by the third hour had more than doubled it. We really tripled it but the stats carried into another timezone for some reason and cut us off!  It didn’t matter.  We were stoked beyond belief.

Because we connected.

Yesterday was a record for tweets and retweets and twitter traffics.

Twitter blitzed Facebook by a country mile.  But how can this be?  Sure ,We have 400 people connecting with us on Twitter and only 152 on Facebook and yet in the past Tweeting had really minimal results.

But somehow we connected and when I saw one person retweet to over 200 friends I realised that it’s people like this that love  SPELLSINGER enough to hit a button  to recommend it to their friends that are truly the people that we want to connect with and create an experience for.

As most of you know this blog and our Twitter account and Facebook page is our way of starting to spread the word about SPELLSINGER and more importantly to prove to the people that we are pitching to and the Studios that SPELLSINGER still has social relevance and interest. With your help we are going to prove this beyond a doubt!




We are going to do everything that we can to connect with the people that truly matter to us.  The Fans.  So the first thing that we are doing is getting you guys involved.  Now what you need to understand is that we are offering an opportunity THAT NEVER EVER HAPPENS. Nobody gets fans involved this early.  It is not done.

The approach that is usually taken is insulated and films created from books are then forced upon the fan to accept.

The most popular and successful book series in history have had a lot of creative license.  Plots added, scenes dumped and changed and it leaves the true fan, the people that read the book left angry.  Yes they have paid to see it and I suppose that their patronage is the aim of the studios but at what cost to the brand?  I have seen fans smoulder in anger, cry in anguish and howl in frustration.  They have been made to accept a product fashioned by hollywood to their own purposes and it’s not a good experience.  It’s not our aim at all.

Our approach with SPELLSINGER must be different.  And it must be different from the outset.

We have been told that there is no current commercial interest.  It’s a poor comment considering the interest in older books in Hollywood.

Spellsinger might have been last printed in 1994  and even though it was recently re released electronically with much success, the feedback has not credited the electronic release nor has taken it into account.

We know that this is not the case. There is current commercial interest.

We know that there are thousands of fans out there and that these  people  share our passion.

So our goal is to connect.  Truly connect with our Audience and create an experience from the outset.

We will do Whatever it takes to connect with our audience.  And we need to take massive action.

What are your thoughts reader?

What can we do today to get out there and connect with our fans and show the studios that this awesome fantasy has a lot more life in it that they could possibly imagine.

Together we can prove them wrong:

With every like on our Facebook Page

With with every post on our page or your pages

With every interaction,

By passing on the word

By sharing on Twitter, on Facebook and Blogging.

Let’s get the word out!