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Yesterday was amazing.  I woke up and started working at 6:30am.  The first thing I did was check the blog because this is the first time that I have blogged twice in a day. I was surprised to see that the counter was crawling towards our best visiting day which was 3 months ago.  We were 16 people off that record and something in me said “We can beat this!” And for three hours I hit  facebook and twitter.  We climbed and climbed and so many people read our blog that in an hour we had passed our record and by the third hour had more than doubled it. We really tripled it but the stats carried into another timezone for some reason and cut us off!  It didn’t matter.  We were stoked beyond belief.

Because we connected.

Yesterday was a record for tweets and retweets and twitter traffics.

Twitter blitzed Facebook by a country mile.  But how can this be?  Sure ,We have 400 people connecting with us on Twitter and only 152 on Facebook and yet in the past Tweeting had really minimal results.

But somehow we connected and when I saw one person retweet to over 200 friends I realised that it’s people like this that love  SPELLSINGER enough to hit a button  to recommend it to their friends that are truly the people that we want to connect with and create an experience for.

As most of you know this blog and our Twitter account and Facebook page is our way of starting to spread the word about SPELLSINGER and more importantly to prove to the people that we are pitching to and the Studios that SPELLSINGER still has social relevance and interest. With your help we are going to prove this beyond a doubt!